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24 October 2023 14:36:16 | Written by Admin

Edu green Indonesia is an educational institution that carries out the concept of learning English in Nature. Our main office is in Pekanbaru Riau, and our green project area is located in Pemandang Village, Rokan Hulu Regency, Riau province 15 km from the city of Ujung Batu. This place is surrounded by very beautiful natural hills. The cool atmosphere shrouded in fog and cold from the green hills makes this place suitable for a place to rest as a moment to return to nature.


We offer and organize educational tour packages to study English while taking holiday in the village. Our teaching program adopts Summer Camp Activities in the UK, US, and Australia.


To support this program, Edu Green Indonesia has been a host for international tourists coming from all over the world who are willing to help our students in practicing English while they having a holiday in Indonesia.

Profil Pimpinan

CEO of Edu Green Indonesia

My name is Wisnu. I am a lecturer at one of the universities in Riau province. I have been currently establishing a Language Camp facilities namely Edu Green Indonesia with my wife, Rosa and our son. We are open-minded persons. Our English Camp vision is to become the center of English study solutions in Indonesia. 


If you feel learning English is monotonous and are in search of a change of scene, let's join our English Camp to whet your speaking English ability. Need no time to waste, come and feel the thrill of learning experience in nature. We are looking forward to meeting you all.

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