Unique Experience, Guaranteed Results

Our Learning Packages are Fast, Short, Concise, and Economical. No matter how difficult you are, if you are serious, in just two weeks you can speak English fluently.

Professional and Hospitable Educators

Encouraged by the reliable tutors friendly guiding and understanding psychologically in order to meet learners’ needs in learning English language.

Integrated Learning Strategy

Facilitated by full day learning program integrated in both class and outdoor as a proven method that can accelerate the students’ target to Speak English Fluently in Two Weeks.


Has it ever crossed in your mind learning while feeling yourself in the middle of the rural nature? Sitting comfortably and studying peacefully on huts above a pool. Meeting, having a conversation and sharing each other impressions with students, educators, and tourists from all over the world. Of course, the way of learning English like this will be more impressive and more real as it is barely found in a usual English course.

Make a move now. Come and feel the thrill of learning with Edu Green Indonesia. We are the credible English institution that initiated the innovation of a brand- new English learning destination in Indonesia with a touch of nature.

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Kesan alumni Edu Green Indonesia selama menjalani Kursus / Camp Bahasa Inggris

My first purpose coming to Edu Green Indonesia was just to find a good place to fresh my mind. I got tired of my routine. I wanted to improve my English in my gap ye... Selengkapnya

Rahman Afif

Alumni Edu Green

Learning English here was an amazing experience. I could improve my English skills especially speaking in two weeks. The teachers here were very helpful. All student... Selengkapnya

Miftaah Azzahra

Alumni Edu Green

While I was studying at Edu Green Indonesia, I had a very satisfying and fun learning experience in English. Besides that, the learning environment was also good whe... Selengkapnya


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Untuk Siapa English Camp Ini

Program ini cocok banget buat kamu-kamu yang tamatan SMA, SMK dan sarjana fresh graduate yang pengen cepat bisa cas-cis-cus berbahasa Inggris untuk ...

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